“Whatever You Think
Think the Opposite.”


Prima Art

Prima Art is a brand of artistic and school products for older children, who want to develop their skills, using high-quality products at the affordable price. A wide range of paints, brushes, pastels, plasticine or pencils allows you to fully equiped the child's artistic studio.  A child who showes some interest in art needs high-quality plastic articles of appropriate density, hardness or structure. The Prima Art brand is a collection of products that allow, even the youngest users, to create beautiful paintings. Prima Art offers acrylic paints, oil, tempera, as well as  the most popular poster and watercolor paint. Prima Art products are not only products for drawing and painting, but also for technical drawing - a flexible geometric set, a compass with a pencil, a mathematical set. Geometric sets are perfect for math classes.

Great art starts with the little one!

The motto of the Prima Art brand is "Great art starts with the little one!", because we assume that well-known and appreciated painters also once began their adventure with art. We are aware that high-quality products that accompany children from an early age, will help focus the child's interests and support its development.

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