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Pencil - basic drawing tool

Each of us had to deal with a pencil, but standard work on geometry classes or taking notes at the edge of a sheet of paper do not let us know its real possibilities. For delving into the secrets of drawing - by all means.



Anyone who aspires to be a cartoonist or even just likes to draw for their own pleasure should know the importance of pencil hardness. The most popular, which students use and which works best when writing is HB, which is intermediate. Pencils marked with the letter H are hard pencils, which are used primarily to create technical drawings. Pencils marked B are soft pencils, which should be in the equipment of the workshop of every small and larger cartoonist. The line drawn with them will be much darker and stronger than the one that comes out from under the H pencil. The pencil's hardness level is nothing but the proportions of its "components" - graphite and kaolin. Soft pencils (B) have more graphite, hard pencils (H) have more kaolin.

Is it worth delving into these markings? Of course, it depends on what the pencil will be used for, but if you want to create beautiful drawings with it, then yes. Creating shadows and depths in the drawing will be much easier with the right pencil, and thus, the effect will be more satisfying.


As in many areas of life, also in drawing - practice makes perfect. If a child shows interest in drawing, then it is worth providing him with high-quality pencils that will allow him to develop passion - after all, great art begins with the little one... :)