“Whatever You Think
Think the Opposite.”



Formula for a creative fun

Plasticine is a mass that allows you to create anything that your imagination tells you. Although at first glance it might seem that making from plasticine is just fun, which results in various figurines, it brings much more benefits.


Using the Prima Art plasticine, the youngest children can learn the principles of creating colors, creating derivatives by combine primary colors, lighten the colors with white plasticine and darken with black. Observing these processes will surely awaken the curiosity of every toddler. A good idea will also be filling contours. Older children can successfully create shapes and combine them into figurines (for example, depicting favorite animals). In search of inspiration you can look online, but the most original and unusual will be figurines based on your own imagination. Using plasticine, both the youngest and older children can transform an ordinary jar into the beautiful vase or container for storing small items.



To ensure the comfort of playing, it is worth to prepare a place where the child will be able to knead plasticine freely, creating desired shapes. The simplest solution is to put a large sheet of paper and secure it with a tape so that it does not move. An ordinary oilcloth will also be an easy-cleaning surface.

Activity with plasticine not only develops creativity and manual skills, but also teaches precision and patience. Of course, the benefits depend on the age of the little artist, but whatever it is, it is a very developing fun.